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Welcome  on the website of INTERLOGIS.

Interlogis combines the activities of a logistics operator and a transportation and forwarding company. We are a rapidly growing business which offers a full range of logistical services. The key area of our services is the organization of truck shipping in Poland and within the European Union.


What makes us different is the excellent communication with our clients, as well as our readiness to act 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By choosing Interlogis you can be sure that we will find a solution for you in every situation. A financially attractive proposal coupled with the the knowhow and experience of our employees is at your fingertips today, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Quick reaction and support

We are one of the few European companies to organize ad hoc the shipping of non-standard items. If the delivery times play are important for your business and an interruption means financial losses, the choice of Interlogis is obvious. By contracting us, you will reduce or eliminate the expenses related to breakdowns, which can happen everywhere.

Our clients

We work both with small companies and with market giants. Some appreciate our individual approach, others our professionalism and the support we give them. If you still hesitate, check out the references by our partners. They are the most credible source of information, one that shows how we cope with the job entrusted to us by our clients.

Aviation industry

We are the undisputed market leader in the organization of non-standard, express transport, serving both airlines, MRO companies and the producers of parts and subcomponents for the aviation industry. To learn more about our offer for the aviation industry please click on the appropriate tab.


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