About us

You?re a manufacturer, a trader, a builder, right? Leave transportation to us


We move your business

Outsourcing logistical services will allow you to focus fully on the growth of your company. We will deal with the logistical aspects of your operations and make sure that the goods you ship out or purchase, are always on time and in one piece. At the end of the month we will send you a single, collective invoice, reducing the number of documents to file. We encourage you to learn more about our offer, which includes transportation, as well as on-board courier and international relocation services and much more.

We know and understand your needs

Interlogis has been present on the European markets for many years now. Our know-how and experience mean we are able to prepare an offer tailored to meet the expectations of our clients. If you are just starting to work with us, you?ll see immediately that we understand each other without saying a word.

Choose a change for the better today

Our goal is to provide our clients with full support related to transport and logistics, making sure they can focus on their core business and the growth of their company. We are not afraid of the responsibility and of taking up new challenges. Thanks to our solutions and support you will be able to forget about all the problems associated with transportation arrangements.

Taking care of standards

All our services are offered in accordance with the highest standards in force in Europe. Our qualified employees, including the team of freight forwarders and consultants with years of industry experience, as well as carefully selected and trained truck drivers are there to ensure the safety of your goods and the highest quality of transportation services.



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